Wednesday, December 14, 2005

To our Anonymous Benefactor

For some reason, you want to remain unknown, and I respect that. I just hope you know how grateful and touched we are that you would do that for us. When Ian got off the phone from speaking to R & C and told me what you had done, I cried. No one has ever done something this kind and generous for us before.

We would have been okay, we were working things out, but it was going to be tough. Now, because of you, we will be able to afford Christmas gifts for each other, and for Mary. We won't have to struggle to make ends meet through January. Thank you.

You know, what you've done has really made me realize how lucky we are. We have such a fabulous group of friends here. Even though Edmonton is far away from both of our families, the friends we have really make up for any lack.

Anyways, all I can say is Thank You. I hope that some day Ian and I have the opportunity to do something similar for someone who's having a difficult time.

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