Monday, December 12, 2005


We went to the doctor today, and he checked Miss Mary out. He said that he doesn't think we need to be concerned, it's just peripheral cyanosis, which means she gets blue when she gets cold. So for now we are just going to keep an eye on her, and if it gets worse, then we go back.

Also, Mary started walking today. She's extremely unsteady, and her record is 5 steps before collapsing on me, but it's a start. Yay!


Goody said...

I'm so glad everything checked out ok.

Those first steps turn into running pretty quickly.

Anne R. Key said...

Yay for Mary veing upwardly mobile! And for not having some heart issue.

Mary can come over and empty out my drawers anytime.

And I mean the one's in my closet, you pervs.