Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Inner City

The neighbourhood that we live in is decidedly unsavoury, we are in fact, "Inner City," but there are far worse area's than ours. Now, the community league does not like that label (understandably), and is campaigning to have the media call us by our actual name, Parkdale-Cromdale. They do have a legitimate beef, I think. The nicer neighbourhoods are always called by their name in the news, but we are just inner city. You know, I'm not really sure where I was going with this when I started, aside from the fact that the more affluent neighbourhoods in the city have their share of problems too. Yesterday a boy was shot to death, not in the inner city, but in Riverbend, where people with lots of money live, or people who are willing to make serious sacrifices to escape inner city living. I'd also like to say that inner city neighbourhoods have their share of good people too. Our neighbours here are fabulous people, and although there have been some problems with a couple of houses across the street we are relatively happy here. Last night a house a few doors down burned down, and the neighbours were there to take relative strangers into their homes.

Today it is even colder out than yesterday. Poor Ian. Poor me for having to wait for the bus yet again. Apparantly there is a Chinook or something coming through at the end of the week, yay! On the news yesterday they reported that for people in the highly populated parts of Canada this winter would be brutal, dry and cold, but for those of us who live further north it's supposed to be relatively warm, and wet. Yay for us! I'm pleased that I live in northern Canada, I just want to see this warmness soon.

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