Friday, December 02, 2005

Pros and Cons

Most of you don't know this (mostly cause we haven't really told anyone), but Ian and I are seriously considering a move, yet again. So seriously, that we are both applying for jobs. Since visiting my Mum and all my family out west, I would like to go to the West Coast, and Ian is on board. I thought I would take a moment here to weigh the pros and cons of a move.


- Family. All my aunts, uncles, and most of my cousins and their children live in and around Vancouver. I'd like my kids to grow up knowing their cousins in a way I never did because we lived so far away.

- My Mum and little brother both live in that area. I miss my mother desperately, and my visit with her really brought that to light. Also, she does not work, and would be happy to look after Mary so that I can get a job.

- It's the west coast, for crying out loud! Ever since I can remember, I have planned to live there some day. Flowers bloom all year round, the mountains are an hour away, the ocean is right there, the climate is warmer. Why not do it now while we are still young enough and are roots aren't too deep?


- I like Edmonton. Edmonton has been good to me, and I'm happy here.

- Jobs are better here in Edmonton.

- We have fantastic friends here that we would hate to leave behind.

- The cost of living is a whole lot more in and around Vancouver, although where we are looking at, the Fraser Valley, is not so costly, and fresh veggies are much cheaper.

- We would be moving even farther from Ian's family. Of course what's one more province west, when they are all the way in Nova Scotia?

- Snow vs. Rain. I like snow, I think I'd really miss it. It does rain a lot on the west coast, and being a prarie girl, that'll take some getting used too.

That's all I can come up with right at the moment. Like I said, we've been doing some looking at jobs and houses out there. Right now we are thinking that we can afford a modular home, probably in Mission, which is about 45 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Some of them are very pretty. We haven't made our decision yet, but as every day passes it looks more and more likely that we will be out there before next Christmas.

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