Thursday, December 29, 2005

One Year Ago...

One year ago today I was pregnant. Very pregnant. Pregnant, uncomfortable, and sick to death of laying down. I had been on bedrest since a jump in my blood pressure on November 19th, and although I had often envied my cats for the life they lead, I didn't want to live life as a cat anymore. I was on the list for induction, but Christmas is a busy time for that sort of thing, and I had been waiting for a phone call since Monday.

The phone rang at 3:00 that afternoon, and it was the hospital. Could I be there before 4:00? If not, then I would have to wait, and who knows when the next chance would be...Probably not till the new year. I said yes, hung up the phone, and called Ian at work. We managed to get to the hospital by about 5 to 4. I was very excited, and very nervous. I was going to be having my baby!

The nurses got me set up in the induction room. There were four beds, and the other three were full, one girl had arrived just before we did. The doctor came, and placed "the gel" to get things started. Things were getting started! yay! Shortly after the gel was placed, I started to feel a little crampy and uncomfortable, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. Ian and I hung around, talked and joked, and tried to ignore the whimpering woman in the bed across from me. The nurses would occasionally pop by to see how we were doing, and one kindly offered me an enema. I declined.

The second application of "the gel" was a few hours later. After that one I really started to feel uncomfortable. I spoke to the nurse, and she told me that my uterus was irritable. Mmhmm. The woman across from me went up to Labour and Delivery. Ian went home at around 9.

By about 11, my irritable uterus was making life quite miserable for me. I was turning into the whimpering woman. I couldn't sleep, every time I started to doze, my belly would cramp up, and I would have to change positions. The nurse strapped on the fetal monitor to see if I was having any real contractions. After about 20 minutes, she cheerily told me that it was just my uterus being irritable. At this point, I started to get irritable. By midnight I was in tears, and by 1 in the morning, I was in the Jacuzzi, where I stayed for about 3 hours.

To Be Continued on the 30th...

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