Monday, December 05, 2005


Well, winter has come with a vengance. It was a chilly weekend, but today...oh my. The snow, the wind, the cold. We've gotten 5 cm of snow so far this morning, and with the wind chill it feels like it's -30 celcius. Yick. I'm just glad that Mary and I only have to walk a couple of blocks to the bus. I am worried about Ian though. This is not the kind of weather that anyone ought to be working 10 hours in. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Apparantly it will be back above freezing by friday. Yay!

This weekend went well. Saturday Ian, Mary and I went to a Christmas party that an old friend of mine was putting on for her daughter. It was pretty fun for Ian and I, and Mary had an absolute blast. An afternoon with 10 2 year olds, and a few babies...there were amazingly few temper tantrums.

Saturday night was T's game, Paradise Lost. Yet again it was a festival of misery and angst for me and the rest of the divine. The highlite of the game was when one of the infernal characters announced the resurrection of a character who had eaten several of us divine alive. I really thought I was going to throw up. The focus of the game turned out to be something completely different though. A stuffed monkey was given to one of the characters by the angels, and the infernal got all up in arms about it. They were perfectly okay with the flesh eating maniac being brought back to life...but an innocent (well, maybe not so innocent) stuffed monkey could not be allowed to exist.

Yesterday Ian worked, and both Mary and I were feeling somewhat under the weather, so be both stayed in our jammies all day long and I turned up the heat. It was fantastic (aside from the whining and screaming that errupted from time to time). When Ian got home, I cooked him supper like the happy housewife I am, and we hung out watching telly and chatting for the rest of the evening. Mary was up super late, for some reason she was incredibly cheery and alert. In hind sight it could have been because of all the ice cream I shared with her after supper. Hmm.

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Goody said...

I've wondered how you guys deal with the cold up there-standing at a bus stop sounds horrible.

We're at -16 c. at the moment, and people are carrying on like it's Greenland or something.