Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Beaten by Technology

Every morning I turn on the tube when I wake up and get my day started. Not because I want to watch anything in particular, but I like the voices in the background as I do other things like clean, read, cross stitch, feed the baby, blog...whatever. Anyways, I decided that this morning I would listen to talk radio instead. I really need to turn off the TV, those women on The View are starting to give me violent urges. So, I turned on the sterio (it's Ians) and got nothing but static. Simple, right? Just tune the radio to a station, and I should be good to go. It's much easier said than done. I could not figure out how to tune the bloody thing. I tried and tried, and eventually decided that Ian would be really angry if I smashed the stupid thing on the ground, and then jumped up and down on it. So I turned off the sterio, and turned on the tv. I'm going to have to chat with Ian about that tonight. This morning, Kelly Rippa compared the gangster turned rapper Fiddy Cent to the Beatles. Christ Almighty.

I'm still feeling a little pissy about loosing that post that I made on Saturday. I've been having a hard time even sitting down at the computer, I'm so angry with it. It was my fault, of course, but I prefer to blame my stupid mistakes on the machine.

Aside from the lost post, my weekend went quite well. Ian had to work on saturday (sigh), which made for a lonely day for me, but he did make money, which is nice. That afternoon I headed over to L & C's place downtown for some pre-Paradise Lost fun. What a beautiful appartament those people have. Bigger than my house, and not falling appart either! Anyways, after hanging out with the other Divine, we headed over to the game. Wow! Every time I go, I hurt just a little bit more. I can say from experience that playing infernal is much less painful, and a little more fun, but nowhere near as emotional! The game was great and horrifying, once again I came close to loosing my mind, or throwing up. Sunday Ian, Mary and I went shopping at Value Villiage, and then went to watch a football game with some friends who shall remain nameless. Edmonton played miserably, and lost horribly, but we were distracted by Marys antics. Saturday morning some other friends who prefer to remain nameless had their baby girl! I'm quite excited to meet the little one, but I have a bit of a sore throat, so it'll have to wait for a little while.

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Cori Quite Contrary said...

Playing an Infernal is definitely more fun. And can be emotional, depending on how you play it.