Monday, November 28, 2005

Personal Space

Saturday I had the very best of intentions. I would clean the house, go grocery shopping, cook a good supper and get the laundry done before we headed over to T's place for some D&D. Well, we all know where good intentions get us. Ian and I ended up spending the whole day at Ikea. How fun! We bought a couple of christmas decorations and some candles. After Ikea, we popped over at V&I's place to pick up our Christmas tree. We put it up and put the lights on it before packing up the baby and heading out for a very enjoyable evening of D&D. We got home around 2, and because I was not at all tired, I decided to finish decorating the tree. It's early, I know, but I'm hosting a get together and cookie exchange on the 10th, and I really need to get my act together and decorate the house.

Yesterday Ian and I decided that we would go out for breakfast to our favorite restaurant before we headed over to G & K's place to watch the Grey Cup. It was all in all a very nice experience. When we got to the restaurant there was a little boy, a couple of months older than Mary, who absolutely adored her. He came marching up to us and had a lot to say to her, it was very cute. Mary however is not interested in boys at this time, and she just stared at him in confusion till his dad came and took him away. As we were finishing up, an older lady came up, commented on what a pretty baby we had, and proceded to grope Marys head without so much as a by-your-leave. Wow. I was awfully angry, and Mary started to scream bloody murder. What is it about babies that makes people forget basic rules of etiquitte? I mean, you wouldn't go up to anyone else in a restaurant and start rubbing them all over, would you? Babies have personal space too, and really ought to be respected. Anyways, our breakfast was cut short because we didn't want to subject the other diners to the inconsolable screaming. Luckily we had finished eating, and were just trying to enjoy our tea and digest our food a little bit.

The Grey Cup was fabulous, Edmonton won, of course. Next year will be Saskatchewans turn, I'm sure of it!

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Santa Claus said...

Thanks for the note. You weren't the only one to comment on the Norway vs. Canada issue. I responded in today's blog.

You also weren't the only one to comment on my age. What's up with that? Even Santa can be sensitive to that....

Have a Merry Christmas. Again, thanks for the note. Keep spreading the Christmas cheer with

- Santa