Friday, November 11, 2005

The Friendlies


Beijing has unveiled their mascots for the 2008 Olympics, they call them the Friendlies. They're kind of cute, in a creepy sort of way, and their names are neat. They are named Beibei (the fish), Jingjing (panda), Huanhuan (Olympic flame), Yingying (Tibetian Antelople), and Nini (Swallow). If you take the first sylable from each name, "Bei jing huan ing ni" it says "Welcome to Beijing." Honestly, I much prefer the Beijing mascots to the Vancouver Inukshuk, it's not cute at all, but a whole lot creepy and strange. Not to mention how upset the west coast natives are about the whole thing...why wouldn't they use a totem pole instead? I guess you just can't please everyone.

I've never really be into the Olympics. I enjoy watching some of the winter games, although it seems that the line between professional and amatuer sport is getting more and more blurry every year. I'm not olympic crazy like some people, but I do enjoy watching the world get together in relative peace. Posted by Picasa

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