Saturday, November 12, 2005

New babies

Last night Ian, Mary and I finally got to see our friends new baby. Oh. My. God. She is so tiny! Mary was only that small when she was still inside of me (really, it's true). Tiny, beautiful and precious. It's amazing how different she looks than Mary did at that age too, Mary was all round and chubby, right from the begining, but this baby is all angles. She's got these giant hands on skinny wrists, and the thinnest little legs I've ever seen! When I held her, it was like I was holding nothing at all, she is so light. But she's beautiful, and the parents are doing so well, I'm just so happy for them.

I may have liked the baby, but Mary was not impressed in the least. She mostly ignored her, except when I was holding the baby, at which point Mary got extremely jealous, tried to climb into my lap, and when that didn't work, she attempted to hit the baby, shrieking the entire time. Yikes. Luckily Ian was right there to keep Mary away from the baby, and make sure she knew that we still love her.

Anyways, I must get a move on, today is our last music lesson, and I don't want to be late.

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