Tuesday, November 15, 2005


So, there is a study out there that says breast feeding your child can reduce the chance of her developing a sensitivity to gluten (Celiac disease) by up to 52%. You can read an article here. Anyways, I tend to take such findings with a grain of salt, but I cannot help but feel a little guilty. If I had successfully nursed Mary, would we be having all the problems with gluten that we are struggling with now? I just don't know. I guess there is no point in second guessing the decisions that I made back when breast feeding was such a nightmare for all of us, but it's hard not too.


Rodicon said...

Whatever..... I was not breast fed and I'm as healthy as they come gie or take the occasional cold.

Goody said...

And next week we'll have a new report telling us that breast feeding *causes* allergies and that formula is far superior to breast milk. These stories tend to go in cycles.

Please don't torment yourself over science that is shaky at best.

They should hand out whips to new mothers so we can start right off with beating ourselves for each decision we make.

Anne R. Key said...

I was breast fed and now I'm totally boob-fixated. Can I suck yer boobs? No? Okay.