Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Blue Can of Power (or why I'm not getting the Mum of the year award)

So. We have this can of a diaper rash cream called Penaten, you may have heard of it. Basically, it is this round blue tin, full of a white cream. Anyways, Mary loves the can, and it keeps her happy during diaper changes. She's always loved it, so long ago Ian and I dubbed it the "Blue Can of Powah!" Today, I was doing the dishes...well, that's what I told the poison control lady, I was actually reading blogs, but doesn't doing the dishes make me sound like less of a slacker Mum? and Mary got quiet. You know that old song, that says that "Silence is Golden"? Well, silence may be golden, but it is also a sign of trouble in this house. So, after a few minutes enjoying the silence I realised that no good could be happening at this moment. I turned around, and there was Mary, sitting happily on the couch, the Blue Can of Power open in her lap. Oh yes, it was open alright, and she was caked, head to toe, in white cream. Her face, her hands, her feet, her sleeper, her hair...all coated in creamy white Penaten. Then she opened her mouth to smile at me. Good Lord, even her tongue was white. So, I stripped her nekked, plunked her into the tub, brushed her teeth, and called poison control. Apparantly Penaten is nothing to be concerned about, but it may loosen her stools (yay...maybe I ought to be giving her penaten every day to loosen things poor constipated girlie).

Life without Ian is going well so far. Tonight I'm making Chicken Korma and rice for supper. Yumm! Tomorrow I'm making salmon. Yay!


Simon said...

I totally would have taken a picture of that before cleaning the baby up. But that's just me.

Goody said...

At least the poison control person didn't laugh at you-I freaked out when Danny got hold of a disposable diaper and there was a powdery substance all over and in his mouth. The woman audibly laughed at my hysteria.

I'm glad she's ok though-my god, I'd have freaked out.

Anne R. Key said...

Nice hysterical image! Way to go, Mar!