Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Things Mary Does

~Yesterday I said "Does it feel good to have all that food in your belly, Mary?" and she grabbed her belly. So I said, "where's your belly, Mary?" and she did it again, and again and again....

~She will point to my nose, ears, mouth and eyes...

~She has more words! (Speach delay my ass). She now says: Mummy (mumumum), Daddy (da-eee), Cat (CAT! CAAAAAT!), hi (HI! HI! HI! HI!), Cookie (doo.), Juice (bu! bu! but she does something to almost roll the b, if that makes any sense.), Up (although mosty she just says uh, uh, uh, in an increasingly high pitched whine), baby (baby!).

~This morning I said to her, "Mary, where's your juice?" And she stomped all over the house shouting "bu! buuu! bu!" until she found it. Then she looked at me, looked at her juice, and smiled, blissfully happy. Then she stomped away, ignoring the juice completely.

~She digs through the laundry, and scatters it from one end of the house to the other. Even the high laundry basket which I didnt think she could get into.

~She has started grinding her teeth. Again.

~She loves when I chase her around the house, or play hide and seek with her. Her favorite part is when I jump out and yell "BOO!" She shrieks and laughs so hard that she can't move.

~Her new game in the car: Scream as shrilly and as loudly as you can. It's fun. It works equally well in the house because it echoes, but the effect is much better when Mummy is concentrating on driving.

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Simon said...

Nice, my boy has the exact same name for me right now (Da-eee). The fact that it's nearly always said with an exclamation point!! and a huge grin are bonus.