Sunday, February 05, 2006


Ian left this morning for L.A. and I am pleased to let you all know that I did not disgrace myself at the airport by bursting into tears. No sir. The non english speaking Asian couple and their elderly mother who were in the elevator of the parkade however were a tad bit horrified when I started noisy sobbing mind you, just lots of tears. The old lady even patted my shoulder.

Today has been pretty bad, Mary is cutting a couple more molars and because we had to wake her early to get Ian to the airport she was very crabby. We did have some fun this afternoon though. I would chase her around the house groaning loudly and stomping my feet (I know, I know), and she would stagger away from me as quickly as she could, laughing like crazy. Eventually she would be so overcome that she would have to just stand there belly laughing, and then I would scoop her up in my arms and kiss her belly till she squealed. Then, we would do it all over again. She could have done this all day long, but eventually Mummy got tired, and then the waterworks started. She cried and cried, and at 5:30 she sobbed herself to sleep in my arms. It's going to be a long night and an early morning, I suspect.

So, I still haven't heard from Ian. he promised me he would call me as soon as he got into his hotel room. I'm a real worry wart and he knows it, so he ought to call me. It's been almost 12 hours since his flight left, how long does it take to get to California anyways??

Oh, I need help! (Yeah yeah, in more ways than one). I don't know what to eat now that Ian is gone. I'm not a great cook, but I'm okay. My problem is that I can cook for two adults, and Ian always eats leftovers. How on earth do I cook healthy meals for just me and the baby? Does anyone have any recipes or advice on how to cook for one? I hate hate hate leftovers which is also a problem for me. Anyways, any tips would be much appreciated!


Emmett said...

I always save my leftovers, thinking I'm going to warm it up later but I rarely do. It sits in the fridge until Cori nags me about it and then I throw it out. You can just make smaller portions when you cook, although that's not always easy. It's possible, though... when you make as much as you do, it's probably just habit.

Goody said...

When I am cooking for myself, eggs are a good option. Of course standing over the sink eating a pint of ice cream works too (and no dishes to wash-up).

Anne R. Key said...

Goody has just made me crave ice cream.

Damn you, woman!

Rodicon said...

Seeing as I cook for me alone, and as I cannot stand fast food, processed crap I may have some suggestions for you. I have to drop some things off at the Littles anyway, you should come over and we can chat. Or I could show up unannounced because I know how you like that. :P

Starlin' said...

1 can cream-of-whatever soup +
1/4-1/2 can milk+
random spices- oregano, parsley, Italian seasoning, garlic/powder

Occasionally + bits of apple, or chicken, or a can of tuna

= 'Alfredo sauce' when heated.


1 can cream-of-whatever soup (try celery, what else is it good for?)+
1/2-1 tsp curry powder+
1/2-1 tsp cumin if you have it

Occasionally + shrimp, or bits of meat or apples or raisins

= 'Curry' to go over rice


Yup, I keep the Campbells soup people in business. It's all me. To make enough for just one, either use 1/2 the can of soup etc and save the rest for the next day (and the other recipe) or just make fresh pasta or rice; the sauces keep very well.

Um, question- does Mary need any toys? I have some stuff I won't use for ages, that I'd happily give or long-term loan out if you're interested. Specifically, the big doll swing/bed/bath thing is tired of living in my basement... I have other people I can poll, but I figured I'd ask you first.

~ Star

Super Janet said...

Make dinner as usual. Eat it all and you will not have leftovers. Then, when Iain finally gets home, there will be more of you to love.