Monday, February 20, 2006


For almost 3 years now, we have lived less than a block from a Jehovas Witness Kingdom Hall. Never in that three years have they stopped by to say hello, until today! (I know, it's a little odd that I'm so pleased...). Anyways, there was an older fellow, and a young guy, very neatly dressed in their suits. They didn't stay as long as I think they would have liked as I was still wearing my dressing gown, but I invited them in, they gave me their magazines, read a little passage from the Bible, and went on their way. I told them that they were welcome to come back any time, and the older fellow assured me that they would. I really am quite fascinated with all religions, and offshoots of Christianity fascinate me even more. Hopefully next time I will be clothed, and they will come in for tea so we can chat.

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