Friday, September 23, 2005

Anyone want some squash??

So, I grew spaghetti squash in my garden. Lots of it. Tonight I decided that I would cook something using that squash. I baked the squash in the oven, and I made a sauce for it. The sauce was fresh tomato's (also from the garden), peas, onions, some spices, was really good. Ian managed to force down 4 mouthfulls before telling me that he really didnt like it. Sigh. I have 7 more spaghetti squash that need homes. Any takers?


Rodicon said...

ME! ME ooooh the starving student over here! *jumps up and down*

Having mentioned it ot my mother in passing she is also interested in having one, a smaller one though. I can ransom you books back for a squish. ;P

Shani said...

ME!!! Me too!! I'll trade you squash for recipe's for sqaush!

Anne R. Key said...

SB is a mook.