Monday, September 12, 2005

Time for an Exorcism

I think that it is time to exorcise a word from my vocabulary. I use it too much, and it is starting to drive me crazy. The thought came to me last night, and I struggled to sleep, while thinking about how much I have come to hate the overused word. Wow, that's three sentances and I haven't used it once. The word is Incredible/Incredibly. I use it too much. Everything is incredibly this or incredibly that. Grr. I can't even get away from it in my thoughts. I'm not sure from whom or where I picked the word up, but I'm certain that someone else in my life uses the word alot, and it just wormed its way into my vocabulary. Speaking of vocabulary, do you know what other word I hate with a passion (and do not use at all)? I hate whatnot....when people say "blah blah blah, and whatnot." It drives me crazy, and it's no better than when teenage girls finish every sentance with "whatever." Anyways, that's what is going on in my brain today, not an awful lot at all.

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