Friday, September 02, 2005

My darned hormones

Yup. It's hormones. I can't think of any other reasons. Yesterday while grocery shopping, I burst into tears while looking at the flour. You see, I was thinking about Mary and her wheat problem, and how I like to bake at Christmas, and how she won't be able to eat my Christmas baking if this wheat thing sticks, I cried. It just seemed like such a terrible thing to contemplate that I couldn't do anything but weep. Yikes. Poor Ian. I quickly pulled myself together and reminded myself that it was not the end of the world, and we carried on with the shopping. I have been looking back at the last month or so, and I can see the slow slide back into depression. I stopped going out as often, I stopped eating three meals a day, I stopped sleeping, and my thoughts have gotten darker. These are all things that I need to fix before it gets out of hand. I need to eat, and I nead to eat properly. No more crap. I have to start getting out again, be it with friends, or just Mary and I going for a walk. I really need to start working on loosing some weight, I just hate my body right now, I hate how fat I have gotten, and it's time to do something about it. The only problem I see is that I have no energy. It's hard to fight against the lack of spirit, but, I did it before, and I will do it again. I suspect that if I get more fresh air and exercise, then I will start sleeping again real soon.

So, The Bear, a local radio station, got in Big Trouble yesterday. They played a song by The Tragically Hip (My favorite band ever) called "New Orleans is Sinking." Oops. Not the most sensitive thing to do, I will admit, but it is a fabulous song. Now (apparantly) they have pulled all their Hip cd's until things are a little less troublesome. I find that hard to believe though, you can hardly blame The Hip for writing a song 15 years ago, no matter how prophetic it may be.

Speaking of Prophecies, I got another email from Mr. Hook yesterday. It seems that Katrina is the direct result of what is happening in Gaza. Here are a couple of paragraphs in his letter. All I can say is...Wow.

I am going out on a limb with what I am about to say. It may strike a nerve, and I am sorry if that does happen. But in these days people must hear the TRUTH, even if it is uncomfortable. I knew, as this country has pushed the "roadmap to peace" in Israel that for our country there would be dire consequences. And as I watched the people of Gaza Strip driven from their homes, I knew in my spirit there would be very swift (within a few weeks at best) consequences for our country. In case you don't know, the USA is the driving force behind these agreements.

I just wasn't prepared for the obvious parallel in reaping what we sowed. It was just a couple of weeks ago, that we watched the people of Gaza driven, weeping, from their homes. They were forced to leave their homes on and near the sea, as their government then came in and bulldozed those homes. Where are these people now? They are in government shelters and government housing. They are basically homeless.

Now look at our situation. Our neighbors on and near the sea have been driven from their homes and their homes have been destroyed. They, too, are weeping and homeless, dependent on the government. One can scoff and say that this is just coincidence, but there are no coincidences in the Lord. The Bible says that we reap what we sow, and that those who bless Israel will be blessed, and those who curse Israel will be cursed. I have been told by several people that government officials (even up to the VERY top) have been warned of the consequences of forcing Israel to give up land. And I believe that would be like the Lord to warn first.

So, there you have it. Again I say...Wow.

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