Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Letter from Ottawa

In August, I wrote a letter to several ministers in the federal government about child care. I was frustrated at the costs and dificulties associated with staying at home to raise my child, and in the fact that daycare is almost prohibitively expensive. I didn't expect to hear back from anyone, but I did want someone, even a lackey, to hear what I was feeling. Today I got an email back from Ken Dryden, the Minister of Social Development. I am most impressed, it even seemed to be personal, not a form letter (although I know how the government works, and it wasn't Mr. Dryden who wrote the letter, just one of his many lackeys). It was mostly just spitting out government policies for me, and assuring me how wonderful they are. He did give me a couple of web addresses both for the federal and provincial governments where I can read more about their work on making child care more affordable. He also mentioned the Agreements-in-Principle which the federal and provincial governments have signed recently. I have no idea what the Agreements-in-Principle are, but he gave me another site where I can go read them. Anyways, I am pleased that I heard back from him, even if it did take a couple of months. I may not have voted for this government, and this really hasn't changed my mind about who I support, it is nice to know that someone heard what I have to say.

In other news, I can't tell. Something is happening, and it's a secret. Needless to say, it will make all of us in our little house a great deal happier. As soon as I can say, I will. I hate secrets.


Rodicon said...

That was more than a little cruel.. the whole mentioning the secret then not telling. :( Very mean. But if it makes your household better WOOT.

Emmett said...

I know! You're sacrificing Stu's cats to the dark god of vengeance, so Mary will get the rest of her teeth all at once! Two birds with one stone, woot! Well done.

Anne R. Key said...

Fall fuckin' RAWKS when it's like this.

Ken Dryden--isn't he some old has-been hockey player for the Boston Bruins?


Goody said...

My representitve never sends out polite form letters (maybe he thinks I'm too much of a filthy Bolshe to respond to).

I certainly hope your secret involves cat-eradication.