Thursday, September 29, 2005

They're gone!

The cats moved out of the basement this morning. Yay! I'm not certain what Stu intends to do with the poor things, hopefully he won't just abandon them on the side of the road like he was threatening when I started to be insistant that he get them out of the basement. He did not mention any sort of money that he would give us to repair the damages that his destructive animals caused over the past six weeks.

Anne came over last night and did a couple of Tarot readings for me. It was interesting, and as always, Anne and her cards were on. Although the outcome was not as specific (or positive) as I had hoped, it did make sense, and was not terribly negative either. I never say what my question is, I think that it can influence the person reading the cards if they know exactly what I am looking for. Anyways, I was pleased, and even though I didnt tell Anne what I wanted to know, the reading very clearly answered the deeper concern that was on my mind.

Miss Mary is doing well, she is very cheerful today. She slept for 14(!!) hours last night. I think she must be growing or something. Anyways, other than that life has been happy, but uneventful. Tomorrow Mary will be 9 months, I just can't believe it.


Rodicon said...

Sorry Jenn this is a little off topic but I had to pass it along because it amused me a little. You're always talking about the little misshaps with Mary and being a 'bad parent'. Whatever! (:

Anyway check this site out, YOu have nothing to worry about! ;P

Anne R. Key said...

Glad to be of help!