Sunday, September 18, 2005

The upper management of the unnamed quick-lube shop can kiss my ass.

Yes, that's right. Those assholes can kiss my ass. Especially one. The one whose goddamned cats are still shitting and pissing all over my basement room, my favorite room in the house. The one whose goddamned cats were supposed to be here for four days, and have been here for more than 4 weeks now. The one whose goddamned cats have destroyed the love seat that my Mum gave me when I first moved to Edmonton. The one who has taken away I's bonus so that we can't afford to buy groceries anymore, but still expects I to be at work 7 days a week. The one who is giving everyone in I's store a raise...oh, except for I, of course.

Today was I's only day off for two weeks. Guess where he is, I bet you can't! This morning after several calls from work, he had to go in. On his only day off. The day we had filled up with things that needed to be done, things that I needed his help with, things that we wanted to do together. Nope. Nothing is going to get done. I do not get a break from the screaming child, I get no help getting things organized around the house, I don't get to get out of the house and spend time with my husband. Really, am I being so unreasonable to expect one day a week of help? I don't think I am. I is so miserable at work, that he is miserable at home. He does nothing around the house when he is here, and spends most of his time snapping at me or ignoring me. He gets frustrated with the baby, and it seems like most of the time we are arguing about something stupid. I try very hard not to blame him, I know he's stressed out, and I know that his work is making him crazy...but I don't know what to do. I'm really getting to my ropes end.

Anyways, in other news. Mary and I started our music lessons yesterday. Our teacher, Miss Christy, sings everything. It's a little hokey, but Mary had fun with the other babies, and I got to get out of the house for a while and be around other parents of babies the same age as Miss Mary. I susupect she is teething now though, as she is screaming inconsolably right now. She screams if I hold her, she screams if I put her down, she screams if she is crawling, she screams if she is sitting, or lying down. So, I am letting her howl, what else can I do?

Cori's game was last night, and not nearly as full of hate as I expected. I actually had a couple of very nice interactions with a some members of the divine court, which was very cool. It was more angsty than I am used to for that game, as I had to select someone to send me to purgatory, which is not a nice place at the best of times. My character is also realising that it is hard to be evil when you are selflessly devoted to someone, there is hardly any time for evil when love comsumes every thought. My death was cool though, the fellow who killed me (thus sending me off to purgatory for a few days) was divine, and promised me he would pray for me every day I was dead. The object of my devotion is emotionally unavailable, and although he did hold my hand for a second and watch me die, he did not tell me that he loves me, which was all I wanted from him before I died. So sad.

Anyways, I'm off to sit on the couch and feel sorry for myself. Tomorrow is another day, tra-la-la.

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