Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Well, life is...interesting. The goddamned cats are still in my basement. Yes, I know that I should just pack the bloody things up and dump them off in Stu's office, but I am trying to get money out of him. We will need a new couch down there, and we will need to replace the hardwood also, and I would really like it if he contributed a good deal towards both those costs. (Yes, I also know that I am dreaming here.)

The last two days with Miss Mary have been trying to say the least. She is seriously teething again, and this time seems much much worse than the last. Today she dove face first off Jonah's parents bed (completely my fault, bad bad Mummy). There was screaming, bleeding, and a giant goose egg on her forhead. Then, after she had calmed down and was crawling around, I stepped on her fingers. The guilt, it overwhelms me.

Our bathtub drains again! Yay! C came over to fix it for us, what a fantastic guy. He was sawing and banging down in the basement for about 10 minutes when he came upstairs, said "It is much worse than I thought," went out to his truck, and brought back a huge piece of pipe. He was down there for about an hour and a half or so, and when he was finished, his hands were black. Ick. I am fairly certain that if he were just a regular plumber, instead of a friend of ours, we would have been paying him several hundred dollars more than he has charged us. I must buy the man some beer.

Anyways, the gang is here for D&D, time to go be a geek!


Goody said...

Did I tell you about the time Danny reached over and brought down a cup of coffee on himself? He was not at all harmed but I freaked out and carried on for weeks that I was the world's most negligent mother for not anticipating that.

Motherhood=Continual guilt.

Hope Mary is feeling better.

Emmett said...

It's okay. All that guilt will come in handy later on when Mary is in her teens and you can use it as ammunition. ;)