Monday, October 24, 2005

Blogger Hates My Guts

I'be been trying to post all weekend, but Blogger has been eating my posts, and telling me that "There Were Errors." Damn it. So this little post is just to see if I can post yet. And that goddamn blue bar is still all gibbled. What the hell?


Jenn said...

How odd. Now all the posts that I attempted to post on the weekend have appeared.

Anne R. Key said...

Blogger might be haunted in celebration of Hallowe'en.

Goody said...

I get "there were errors" all the time. Most of the time it means that the connection has timed out on the re-publish and can be dealt with by hitting "re-publish entire blog" and waiting through it again. It might be a good idea to open a second browser to view your blog as it goes through the re-publish (hit "refresh" now and then to see if it is updating). The larger your blog gets, the greater chance of it timing out on a republish.

Other times it will error because it can't read an older post (like a photograph that isn't loading fast enough).

I don't know what happened with your navigabar-have you tried switching to another colour in the template just to see what happens when it makes the update?

Or as Anne.R.Key observed, it may well be spectral in nature. I don't know what sort of offering one would make to placate a blogger ghost.

Anne R. Key said...

Btw, I love the word "gibbled".