Wednesday, October 26, 2005

If I Win the Lottery

Well, the Lotto 649 jackpot is 40 million dollars. Ian and I went out and bought several numbers the other day, I know the chances are slim that we would ever win, but you never know. I've been spending the last couple of days imagining how I would spend 40 mil, I'm very good at spending money, but that much is a challenge even for me. Here is what I figured I would spend it on....

1 million each to my mother, father, Ian's mum, my little brother, and Ians little sis.

100 thou each to my three step siblings

5 million to the Stollery Childrens Hospital & Royal Alexandra Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

3 million to the Canadian Cancer Society

3 million to Edmonton Catholic Social Services

3 million to the Anglican Primates World Relief Development Fund

2 million to the Edmonton SPCA

500 thou to St. Pauls Cathedral in Regina, SK

1 mil to the Anglican Diocese of Qu'Appelle

We would buy a house in St. Albert, probably spend about 500 thou on that, maybe less. I dont want something brand new, I like the older more established neighbourhoods, and I just can't imagine spending so much money on a home, it seems wasteful. I could see spending up to 500 thou for the house and new furnishings.

We would go visit our families, from coast to coast.

Put some away for Miss Mary's education.

Go to Ethiopia for a couple of months, but probably not for several years, I already am planning on taking Mary to Ethiopia when she is 13 years old, I don't see that changing.

Have babies, lots of 'em.

So, there you go, I have it all figured out. I would probably give more away I think, to smaller organizations in the neighbourhood here. I'd like to help the homeless and low income families in this neighbourhood if I could. I'd like to do something to help all the prostitutes who walk the street only blocks away from my home, even if it is just bringing them something warm to drink when the winter comes. With 40 mil, it would be easy to give money to all the organizations that I would like to help, and still have plenty of money left over to make sure that we are alright. As much as I like to look at fancy cars, and shiny things, I don't think I could ever justify spending even 50 thousand on a car, when our car is just fine, or 100 thou on a diamond ring, or whatever, when there are people out there who need to eat.


Jenn said...

Oh, and I would go to school, and take hopelessly useless courses that would never get me a job, just because I love to learn. I'd get a degree in Religious studies, I think, maybe with a minor in Womens studies. Then I would go on to graduate school. I would love to just learn for the love of learning, and love of the subject.

Anne R. Key said...

Your list is not complete, without a charitable donation to me.

Aunt Betty would want you to.

Eman said...

With 40 million you'd probably be better off not splitting it up and giving it away in big chunks.

Instead you could invest it and give away the interest to charitable organizations.