Monday, October 31, 2005

What, No Pumpkins?

I had a busy weekend. Friday night was Raven's birthday celebration at the New Asian Villiage. I had a wonderful time, and the food was actually very good! I've never been a fan of Indian food, but this time around I decided to try some of everything, and it was fantastic, although a little too spicy for me. I'm so glad that I was invited, it was nice to get to know Raven and some other people who I know to see, but don't really know, you know?

Saturday saw the end of domestic bliss. Ian and I have been arguing off and on all weekend, but Saturday was the worst. He was cranky, and so was one point I felt like saying "That's okay honey, you just sit there playing on the computer while I deal with the screaming baby, do the dishes, vacuum the floor and cook your supper all at the same time." Actually...come to think of it, I may have said that at one point. Later on I mentioned to him that the garbage was so full that the lid wouldn't shut, and the kitchen was starting to stink of dirty diapers. He actually asked me to pick out the dirty diapers and put them in another bag. Three days of kitchen garbage, and he wanted me to dig through and pick out the dirty diapers. I expressed my disbelief at this request, and he got angry. Anyways, we ended up outside as the weather was quite lovely. We got alot accomplished in the yard, and it no longer looks like hobo's live in our house. Yay!

Saturday night we skipped D&D, which was soooo nice. I enjoy our game, but I really hate playing a weekly saturday night thing. It was nice to be able to stay home, watch a movie, and get the baby into bed at a decent hour.

Sunday we went to the mall and wandered around for a few hours, before going grocery shopping. I had wanted to buy a pumpkin, but I guess that I left it too late, there were no pumpkins to be found. It's too bad, I'm not really into the whole jack o'lantern thing, but I do like roasted pumpkin seeds, and I was planning on making a pumpkin pie. Oh well, next year, I guess.

Today I babysit Jonah, and then when we get home we will take Mary to a couple of neighbours to show off her costume. Then, we hand out candy, and go to bed early, I think.

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