Monday, October 31, 2005

Oh, how I love the bus...

I haven't had much to say about my bus rides lately, mostly because I discovered another bus that goes pretty much as close as the other, and isn't quite as icky (aside from the poo left on the bench at the bus stop, of course). Today, I thought that maybe I was on the icky bus. The first bit of fun was as we were travelling through Edmonton's China Town (which is not a very nice area of the city). A native gentleman who smelled like a brewery got on the bus, and started chatting amiably with the bus driver, and occasionally smiling over at Mary. Although he was drunk as a skunk, he was friendly and happy, so I had no problems. A large group of elderly asian ladies got on the bus, and started chatting noisily in their mother tongue. My native friend decided at this point that I would be up for some incredibly racist chit-chat. I thought it was funny, and a little sad that he started going on about how foriegners should be speaking English, especially when his own grasp of the language was tenuous at best. I did mention to him that if we were to move to China, we would probably still speak English to each other on the bus. He had a response for me...but it was so mumbled that I just nodded and smiled at him.

Later on, after my drunken, chinese-hating native friend got off the bus, a really classy fellah got on. He was doing his laundry, so he had a huge cart full of his clothing. When he got off the bus, he had to bend over to wheel his cart down the steps. At this point he exposed at least 5 inches of crack for all of us to stare at in horror. I shared a snicker with the lady sitting across the aisle with me.

Anyways, Haloween is going well enough. We got Mary dressed up for a little while, visited some neighbours, and have been handing out candy ever since. There seems to be a lot more kids out tonight, which is a good thing, I bought a tonne of candy. Speaking of candy, V & I are no friends of Ian and I, if any of you were wondering. I popped over with Mary to say hello, and they gave us 2 big tubes of gooey candy, because they know that Mary can't eat anything hard. Right. I think the liquid sugar will be going somewhere far far away.

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