Saturday, October 01, 2005

No More Secrets

Yay! I can finally spill the beans. So, the other day I mentioned something happy that was going on in our world, and now I can say what it is. Ian quit his job! Huzzah! I cannot express how happy I am that he will no longer be working in that hell hole. He has a job working in construction that pays much much better too. In fact, at his new job, he will be paid for every hour he works. No more last day of the month inventory till midnight...which means that he will be able to be with me and Mary on Halloween, and even better, on her birthday! No more working every single Saturday. No more phone calls on his days off, or when he gets home from work. No more babysitting a pack of surly, immature, lazy assholes. When he comes home from work, that's it, he doesn't need to worry about it till he goes back the next day, and on Fridays, he doesn't need to worry about it till Monday. We can do things together, we can spend weekends together. Oh! And no more Stu! The best part is that he is happy. Even before this new job was in the bag, just the idea of leaving that awful place made him happier. This new job of Ian's also takes a lot of stress off me. It is no longer very important that I find a well paying job. We won't have to put Mary into day care now, if I get a job, it will be very easy for me to work around his hours (7am-5pm, Monday to Friday). So there you have it, happy happy news in our little house. Even the cats are happier (although I suspect it has more to do with the interlopers in the basement finally being gone).

Music lessons went well today. Mary is awfully funny when we go, she has no interest in me at all, she just crawls around to say hello to everyone, and then she and her posse hang out for the rest of the time. She has two little homegirls that she likes to play with, they are both around the same age as her, and they are so cute. One of them likes to give Mary kisses all the time. Now that Ian doesn't work Saturdays, he can come and check it out, and possibly take a picture or two.


Goody said...

That is terrific news! I'm so happy for all of you.

Starlin' said...

I feel dumb... I figured he wouldn't want construction 'cus it isn't guaranteed hours. Congrats, and welcome to the world of the chronically dirty!

~ Star