Tuesday, January 03, 2006

All about Mary

Today Mary had her one year wellness check with the doctor. It went well, and she doesn't have to go back till she's 3 now. He did say that she was behind in her speach and language skills, but I find that a little hard to believe. He said that she should be able to say more words by now. I thought she was doing alright though. She says Hi!, Cat! (really it's more like Ghat!), Da-ee (Daddy), Dis (This. I think it's a question, she often says it when she finds something she likes, she will come to me, hold whatever it is up in the air, and shout Dis! at me till I respond). Apparantly she should be saying more than that. I don't know a lot of babies her age, but the ones I do know are at about the same level in speach as her, even some who are older than her are about the same. Anyways, I'm not terribly concerned.

Mary started some serious walking this weekend. I no longer count the steps that she takes, she takes so many. She doesn't have a whole lot of control when she walks, she just stands up and heads off in the direction that she's pointed until she runs into some sort of obstacle. She prefers to crawl still, but I'm sure it won't be long before she is walking all the time.

Mary's sleep schedule is all screwed up right now. Sigh. When we were in Regina my Step-Mum kept her so full of sugar that she stayed up past ten every night, and now she seems to think that although the sugar is gone, she still ought to stay up late, and sleep in late. Most parents whose kids get them up at 7am would think that I'm crazy for complaining, but it's really hard to establish a schedule and stick to it, let alone get anything done, when your baby doesn't wake till 11. That and I really enjoy my evening time with Ian after she's gone to bed. The last few nights she's gone to bed around 7:30 or 8, but she treats it like a nap, and is up and ready to go around 10:30. We just ignore her, but we can hear her talking and playing in her crib, usually till midnight. Ugh. Just as I start to doze off I hear "Hi! Hi! HIHIHI!! Cat. CAT! AGAAAAH! Dis? Hi! Daeeee. DAEEEEEE!!! MA. Dis dis dis. EEEEECat! oooooh. oooowooowooowooooooh. Agah." and then her musical bear starts singing. It's hard on my nerves.

She's eating alright. She's just learning about finger foods, which is kind of late, but it was really hard when she had that gluten problem. You don't realise how much wheat and grain we have in our diets till you have someone in your home who can't eat it. I'm so glad that she grew out of that problem. So now, she is learning about cheerio's and cookies, which she loves. It's incredibly funny to watch her eat her cheerios, she will take one in each hand, and instead of just popping them in her mouth, she nibbles at them. She will take a tiny bite of each of them, throw them on the floor, and grab two more. It's extremely messy. She's shown a lot on intrest in her spoons now too, she will grab them out of my hand, and put them in her mouth herself. I generally make sure they're empty when she does it though, I'm not quite prepared for that mess just yet. She loved her birthday cupcakes (of course, Mummy made them from scratch!), but she wouldn't feed them to herself. Anyways, we still have a lot of catching up to do on the whole eating thing, but we are getting there.

Anyways, that's all I can think of that's exciting right now. Yes, my idea of exciting has changed an awful lot since I had a baby, I know.

Paradise Lost is this weekend, and I'm looking forward to that...hmm. What else. Ian is back to work, and it's pretty lonely around here right now. The site that he's working on is winding down, which scares the daylights out of me. When theyre done here, it's likely that he will be going out of town to work. I'm trying very hard to be supportive, I don't want him to feel guilty, but I'm going to miss him quite desperately. I'm not very good at asking for help or inviting myself places either, so hopefully my friends will understand that and not let me rot by myself in the house and go so crazy that I pull out all my hair and gain 300 pounds.

Anyways, I'm back to babysitting today, so I need to get the crabapple into bed for a nap before it's too late.


Simon said...

Sounds like Mary is ahead of where my own son was when he was 1. We can't shut the kid up now! (20 months old.) Not that we would. And heck, he wasn't walking until 15 months. Now we have a sprinter. Mary's in good company.

Rodicon said...

I think Ian may want to look into another company jsut from the stories I've heard you both tell. There has to be work in town here. Ellis Don, Kiewit, Graham, PCL to name a few MUST be looking for people and they have projects all over the city... big ones too. Then there is the mid-sized. Hell would you tell Ian to go to the field office at the NAIT campus and see if they need people there?