Thursday, January 19, 2006

Money, Money, Money

Well, it's officially official, Mary is official. We got her Social Insurance Number in the mail today, and they even fit her full name on the card! Wow. I didn't really want to get her registered witht he government so early, but unfortunately, you need a SIN number to get an RESP.

Last night we had a meeting with our money man, Ed, and he taught me a whole bunch about RESP's. Did you know that the Canadian government will match 20% of what you contribute to your child's RESP up to $400/year? That sounds great, but it really complicates things. Because the government contributes there are all sorts of rules about what the money that you save can be used for. For instance, if Mary wanted to go into a trade, nope, can't use the RESP. If she wanted to go to school part time, nope, can't use it for that either. If she wants to use the money to go tour Europe instead of going to school, well, that isn't allowed either. We can access our money for those things, but there are many hoops to be jumped through, and the government must be paid back. The only thing that is acceptable is full time post-secondary at a government approved institution. Interesting.

The sleeping issues seem to have resolved as quickly and out of the blue as they developed. I don't want to jinx myself though, so I'll just say that we have all been sleeping better the last few days.

I still need to post about the Fantabulous Christmas Blogstravaganza, but my giftee still does not have her gift (god damnit!), and I want to wait till I'm sure she has her gift before saying anything. Canada Post assures me she will have it by the weekend.


Goody said...

On the back of our Social Security cards it has this official bit about "Not valid until signed"

-I wonder, should I just give Danny a crayon and let him scrawl?

Anne R. Key said...

I think it's bullshit that Mary can't use that money to enter a trade. What kind of elitist crap is that?


Eman said...

You don't need to worry. By the time Mary is old enough, college will cost 5 billion dollars per semester anyways.