Friday, January 13, 2006

The Sound of Frustration

Mary makes this noise when she's frustrated. I can only describe it as "shrieking siren." Since she is often, almost constantly, frustrated these days I am getting close to gouging out my eardrums with a pencil so I don't have to hear it anymore. She shrieks when she's hungry, when she's not hungry, when I take something away, when I give her something, when I pick her up, when I put her down. This morning she was howling away in the other room and I went to check up on her. She was sitting on a blanket, and yelling, no, shrieking at it because she wanted to pick it up. Nggh. Constantly frustrated. She also does the "limp, wet noodle" move. When she's doing something naughty, and I pick her up, she arches her back, screeches, lifts up her arms above her head and then goes completely limp. Try holding on to 23 pounds of limp noodle.

Really, it isn't that bad. Most of the time she's actually quite happy and a joy to be around. Yesterday her favorite toy was a pair of Ians underwear that she dug out of the laundry basket and hung around her neck. She was so proud of them, and no matter how hard I tried to hid them, she dug them out again and came marching proudly into the living room with her head through the leg hole. Unfortunately today she's discovered my brassiere. Cute.

Anyways, I'm getting close to making the siren shriek of frustration myself here. Ians work is really starting to drive me crazy. I'd really like to know what is going on. The latest rumour is that they are not going to California after all, but this is just rumour that he heard from one of his coworkers. The problem is that most of the information that gets shared with the guys is done at lunch. Ian doesn't go out for lunch every single day, he brings his own (cheaper, you understand) so he misses out on everything. He is going to corner the foreman and find out exactly what the hell is happening today. I will be most pleased if he does not end up going to the states for 15 weeks, but I am concerned that he won't have a job come February, which would be even more catastrophic.

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tomama said...

Fingers and toes crossed for permanent work close to home.