Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I have a question. What does it say about your countries value system when they won't show the film Brokeback Mountain because it's offensive (??) but they happily play a film that delights in having the most gratuitous violence and gore to date (The Hostel)? Seriously. I mean, I will happily admit that Brokeback Mountain doesn't appeal to me all that much, but not because I find it offensive. The Hostel, however, strikes me as extremely offensive, but I won't argue with your right to immerse yourself in that tripe, if it's your thing.

Here is a bit of a review that was in New York Times -

Inspired by the brutal exploitation pictures of the 1970's and the nasty new breed of Asian horror films, "Hostel" is motivated by an adolescent urge to shock. And while it's true that no civilized person will remain unscathed by the film's relentless bigotry - this is one of the most misogynistic films ever made - Mr. Roth's gory spectacles are too calculated to deliver the transgressive jolts they so obviously seek.

Huh. And somehow bigotry, misogyny and senseless violence is so much more acceptable and less offensive than a love story between two cowboys.

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