Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Prosperity Abounds

Well, they finally arrived, our cheques from King Ralph. Yay! I checked the mail about a hundred times yesterday (a little obsessive, I know) and was saddened every time to find an empty box. Sigh. Little did I know that our mail person was running behind and didn't deliver the mail till about 7 in the evening. Yeesh. Ian was a little freaked out by the person in dark clothing skulking around the house, especially since the mail carriers go to our back door to deliver our neighbours mail over the fence. Anyways, we have our cheques, and they are mostly already spent.

Mary's $400 will be put in an RESP for her, I just have to call the money guy and get him to set it up (see! not beer and popcorn but savings for her future! who'd have guessed it?!). I'm looking forward to getting that set up so I can start depositing her family allowance or child tax credit or whatever they are calling it now a days into the RESP for her. My $400 will be spent on fabric! Beautiful fabric! I need to sew an Arthurian gown and a Victorian/Alice in Wonderland dress in the next couple of months. Yikes. I am not the best seamstress, so I've kind of left this a little late. When I made my Elizabethan gown it took me several months, and I'm still not pleased with the way it turned out. It's lovely, but I do wish I had done some things a little differently. What is left over is going to sit in our bank account, a little bit of padding just in case, possibly we will pay a bill or two with it. I'd like to get a decent couch that is comfortable to sit on, but that is up to Ian, I guess.

Speaking if Ian, we STILL don't know when he is leaving. Some time between today and Sunday. We don't know anything other than the job starts on Feb 6th, so they have to be out there before then. It's incredibly frustrating, not knowing. I can't really plan for anything, or prepare myself. Who knows, maybe they will call him tonight and tell him that his flight leaves tomorrow morning. Which would be tragic, because they sent him to Lloyd today, so he couldn't pick up his passport.

My poor baby is sick, or something. I am enjoying all the cuddles and snuggles, but she is just not happy at all, poor little thing. I suspect it is a combination between teething and a reaction from her vaccines 4 weeks ago. Last night she had a high fever, and she snuggled up on my chest and fell asleep. She hasn't done that in ages now, it was nice for me at the very least.


Simon said...

I'm going to go deposit mine in the bank over my lunch hour, come back to work and transfer the funds to my wife's account so we can pay down our credit cards.

What fun!!

Heather said...

Let me know if you need some help with the sewing and/or patterns! Hope you enjoy your $$ - wish us BC'ers would get something like that! Lucky!