Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Well, my mood isn't much better today than it was Saturday. I'm not coping well (that's a phrase I learned from all the mental health folk that harassed me after Mary was born) with the idea of Ian going away. I feel bad for him, really. I don't mean to take it out on him, but I am. I'm moody, and mean until I catch myself. I know he doesn't want to go away, but he's all together too excited about the whole thing for my liking.

Saturday night, however, was fabulous. Paradise Lost went very well, full of misery and angst for me. I got to act out one of my characters symptoms because of the intense misery. Even with the personal issues, the game as a whole was more peaceful than any of the other games yet. The Divine had a meeting and unofficially adopted the motto "Building Bridges with the Infernal," and we really did try. After the game we all went out to BP's for geeking and chat, which was so much fun. I don't get out with that group of friends as often as I wish I did, so I really value the one Saturday night a month that I do get. I'll have to figure things out so that I can still attend when Ian is far far away.

We finally picked up Mary's birthday present last night. We got her a little plastic easy chair with a plaid cushion. It's not exactly what I had wanted, but everything else was branded with one Disney character or another, and I really didn't want that. Anyways, we put it together last night(it was tough, velcro the cushion to the plastic), and when she discovered it this morning she was in heaven. She sits on it and kicks her feet like crazy, then she stands up and shouts at me in delight, then she sits back down. The only time she left the chair was to grab a toy to drag over to the chair, and to eat her breakfast. I'm glad it's such a hit.

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