Monday, March 20, 2006


So. Ian called tonight. From Porto Rico. It's beautiful there. He's living in a 3 bedroom appartment with a balcony that overlooks the ocean. The beach is across the street. They're right on the main tourist drag. It's sunny. It's warm. His boss is paying for me to fly there to spend two weeks.

I have so much to do, I could puke. I've got to get a passport, get Hep A vaccine, figure out what I'm going to do with Miss Mary while I'm gone (I try not to think that 2 weeks in Porto Rico = 2 weeks away from my angel), figure out what i'm going to do with the cats, clean up the house, find a suitcase, find shorts and see if they fit, find a bathing suit, pack, talk to Trevor and Nadine so they can figure out a babysitter while I'm gone....Squeee!

Did I mention that I'm going to Porto Rico for TWO WEEKS?! Gah! Squee! Aaagh!


Cori Quite Contrary said...

When do you go?

Beanie Baby said...

Yay! Awesome!

Emmett said...

Yes, when does this two weeks start? After the 31st, I hope. *glare*

Raven said...

Wow - that's gonna be fun!

So... any chance Mary would like to spend some time over here while you're gone?