Friday, March 31, 2006

What do I really need?

So, I heard about this fun game from Heather, over at Hamster Boy. Basically, you go to Google, type in your name followed by "needs" or "wants" or whatever else, and then take the first responses. I just had to try it out, and this is what I found out about myself.


Jennifer needs...a cold shower (no kidding, my husband is in Puerto Rico and I'm here)

Jennifer needs...a smack daddy (um. I don't think so. I've already got Moustapha)

Jennifer needs...hope (doesn't everyone?)

Jennifer let go and get a life (I'm trying, give me a chance, already!)

Jennifer needs...some friends (hey, this is getting a little personal, don't you think?)

Jennifer do some charity work and stop being soo self-absorbed (ouch)


Jennifer have my baby (unless this is Moustapha speaking...then no.)

Jennifer wants...a couple of children (yes, at least a couple)

Jennifer to build a doghouse (indeed! of course, we have no dog, so perhaps our energies could go to something a wee bit more practical, hunny)

Jennifer access her images anywhere, at any time! (truer words have never been spoken)

Jennifer shed her sexy image (I have a sexy image??)

Jennifer to know that she's no victim (it's true, I've done everything to myself)

Jennifer share the Word and encourage others in the faith. (uh huh.)


Jennifer can...bring in that box office revenue (it's so true! won't someone hire me?)

Jennifer can...energize and motivate Brad Pitt (purr. I'd like to motivate Brad some time...oh yeah baby. Er...never mind)

Jennifer can...not stand to loose! (Hey! who told you that? I can stand it, I just prefer not too)

Jennifer can...not resist Jack any longer (Thank goodness he's dead...she's much better with Frankie, don't you think?)

Jennifer very poisonous if injected intravenously (remember that, y'all)


Jennifer should....get the BOOT! (ouch. So we're back to this nastiness, are we?)

Jennifer should...not blame herself. (easy for you to say, you're not getting the BOOT)

Jennifer maintained with care (that's better)

Jennifer should...go back to dry humping Vince (hey! again with the nastiness!)

Jennifer should...stop second guessing herself (well, if you'd quit being so mean to me, it would be a whole lot easier!)

Jennifer released immediately and unconditionally (yes. set me free!)


Jennifer has...been on the cover of numerous magazines (which is why I can pull in that box office revenue)

Jennifer has...two daddies (not true...unless my Mother is keeping secrets from me...)

Jennifer has...made memorable appearances on some of television's best series (again with the box office revenue...I'm telling you, I rock)

Jennifer has...has also been charged with aiding, abetting, and facilitating escape (hush. maybe that's why I cant seem to get an acting gig)

Jennifer has...been a professional poker player for over ten years (Bet you didn't know that, eh?)

Jennifer has...has a mainly positive attitude to life (which is hard, with all the abuse I've taken)

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