Saturday, March 04, 2006

The Big Times

Holy Smokes! I'm in the Globe and Mail!

Well, not really, but a columnist named Rebecca Eckler actually mentioned me, and printed an excerpt from my blog in her column. Now, it wasn't an excerpt from one of my happier days, but hey! neat! You can read the article here.

Oh. I feel queasy now...the pressure's on...must blog more often....and be funnier (and happier for crying out loud). Oh, and the template! The template for this thing must be fixed.

Bah. I'll do it all later. Procrastination is my favourite pastime.


Goody said...

That is very cool.

Anne R. Key said...

Did she contact you to say she'd be quoting your blog?

Good on ya!

Raven said...

Wow, cool! The Globe and Mail! That's even a real paper... not some little tripe thing like the one that quote me, years ago.

I stand in awe.

- Raven