Friday, March 03, 2006

Christmas in March


Sorry, I've been a bit of a lollyblogger these days...not really much to talk about to be honest. Life has fallen into a bit of a routine. Wake up, spend the morning with Mary, put her to bed for her nap, do dishes, laundry, and desperately try to straighten up the livingroom, wake Mary up, fight with her to get her to eat all afternoon. Give Mary a bath, bottle, and put her to bed. Repeat tomorrow.

On Tuesday we had the first appreciable snow fall all winter. We had about 13 cm tuesday night, another couple on Wednesday, and it seems that we should be expecting more on the weekend. In fact, when I look out my window, it's snowing now. The roads were a bit of a disaster tuesday, and I havent driven anywhere since, hopefully they will be better today, and everyone will have remembered how to drive in the winter. I love the snow, it's so nice and clean looking, especially after a winter of browns and greys.

I took Mary out to help me shovel the walk on wednesday afternoon, and after her initial horror, she really seemed to enjoy it. She marched up and down the block shouting at people, trees, cars, houses...whatever she saw, really. She did fall down once or twice and face plant in a snowbank, but she dealt surprisingly well with it, no tears at all. We were outside for about 45 minutes, and we went back in because I was cold, she would likely have been happy out there for another hour!

So there you have it. I've been doing a lot of reading online about one of my favorite subjects - Christianity, particularly very early Christianity. It really fascinates me to see where our faith today came from, and how different things could have been. Anyways, I'll not blather on about it, though I could, and one day I might. Posted by Picasa

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tomama said...

Congrats on the mention in Eckler's column in the Globe and Mail.