Monday, March 27, 2006

I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it!

Okay, it's all good! The tickets for my trip are booked, and my passport will be ready to pick up in a week. Whee!

Today I went down to the passport office, prepared for a long wait. Ian had to wait almost 4 hours to apply for his passport, so I was expecting much the same thing. I got there at around 10:30, and got into the line up for pre-screening. The way it works is that you wait to get pre-screened, usually about 45 minutes in that line up, and then you go sit down and wait for an indeterminate amount of time to actually see a passport agent. I however skipped much of the wait when I explained to the pre-screener that I needed a rush on my passport as I would be leaving the country next week. He hummed and hawed, and mumbled something about needing proof that I was leaving, but in the end he gave me an express number, and told me to go sit down. I sat down, and my number popped up. yay! no waiting at all! So, I went and spoke to the actual agent who was friendly and kind, he had no problem giving me express treatment, he had no problem with my pictures, and my passport will be ready on Tuesday next week. I felt a little bad, I was in and out of there in less than an hour, and I suspect that the people who were directly in front of me in the line are still waiting.

The woman from Moustapha's employer called me this morning, and booked my flights as we were on the phone! Yay! It's officially official! I'm really really going to Puerto Rico! Whee!

Oh! So, on the way home from the passport office, I was at a red light, and you know how sometimes you just know that someone is staring at you? So I looked to the car beside me, which happened to be a chochy sports-car, with an even chochier guy driving it. Yup, he was staring at me all right. When I looked over, he made eye contact, smiled, and winked! Um. Hello. I've not partaken in behavior like that since I used to cruise up and down Albert Street in Regina when I was a teenager! I was stunned...I mean, I'm not the skinny, make up wearing, poofy haired chickie that I used to be. Did my dirty grey fleece make me look easy, or was it the messy ponytail? Maybe it was the piles of stuffed animals in the back window, or the little shades in the passenger windows that make it clear that I've got a child back there. Yeesh. Anyways, I stared back with a stunned expression in my face for a second, before quickly finding something to keep myself busy until the light turned green.

Mary's vocabulary is suddenly blooming. She's amazing. Today she said ball "ba!" shoe (which sounds suspiciously like juice, but she was pointing at her shoe when she said it), bottle (also "ba" but with a slightly different inflection) and foot "uht." Those are in addition to the words she already knows, juice, cookie, cat, up, Mummy, Daddy. She is becoming more communicative of her needs as well, when she wants juice, instead of pitching a fit, she comes up to me and shouts "joo" at me until I get it for her. Yay! Communication! Clear communication! She also really understands what I much of what I say that it frightens me. If I ask her to bring me something, more often than not she will go get the right thing. The other day she brought me one of my slippers, and I told her to go get me the other one, and she actually did! She also will point to her nose, mouth, head, belly, and foot, as well as pointing to ducks, cats, dogs, and lambs in her picture book. And today when I asked her where her shoe goes, she pointed to her shoe, and then to her foot! Amazing!


Anne R. Key said...

Are you shure when she yells "joo!" at you that she's not asking you to put on some Barbra Streisand?

Cuz ya never know.

Emmett said...

I think it's "chachi" in the young guy from Happy Days? Although I may have just dated myself.