Friday, March 24, 2006

Passport Woes

Eek! I'm having a hell of a time getting a passport, damn it! I have to get a special person to sign my passport, someone who has known me at least two years, and is some sort of professional type. If I was in Regina, I'd have no problem, but here...well, I'm just freaking out a little. I know a couple of law students but it seems they cannot help just yet. I know a couple of Engineers, but neither of them are P. Eng (whatever that distinction means) so no go there. My Doctor is out of the country, My Vet friend is unavailable. Gah! So, this weekend, I'll get Moustapha's cousin who is an accountant to sign for me, and I'll get the paperwork in to the passport office Monday morning. If I pay extra, and the people at the passport office feel nice, I can get my passport in 1 - 2 days, but that's only if they decide my reason is good enough. Is a free vacation in Puerto Rico enough reason for a rushed passport? I don't know. I really hope so.

Also! I still have not heard from Ian's employers, so I don't even know when I'm going! I need to know! ACK! I have to figure out what to do with Mary, and I have to let T & N know so they can arrange care for Jonah. I am highly strung at the best of times, and this is FREAKING ME OUT!! I've been trying to call them all morning, but no luck there, no one is in the office! Am I even going to get to Puerto Rico at all?? Are my hopes going to be dashed like an egg on the kitchen floor (which happened just the other night as I was cooking supper, was it a sign?)?

Okay, I've got to go bang my head repeatedly against the wall while I hit the redial button on my phone over and over and over and over......


Simon said...

You know, you could just bang your head repeatedly against the redial button on the phone, instead of the wall, sort of killing two birds with one stone there and being extra efficient.

If I knew you longer I'd sign for you since I am a P.Eng. (Professional Engineer), but a couple months won't hack it I'm afraid.

If it makes you feel any better, I'm envious of your impending trip to Puerto Rico.

Goody said...

You used to be able to travel to Puerto Rico without a passport, as it is a US territory-but now I guess they want all kinds of documentation (wonder if you'll have to get fingerprinted at customs?).

We don't have anything like having someone sign for you. I guess while we were busy spying on, and otherwise harrassing people, something as simple as having a person vouch for your identity got overlooked.