Saturday, March 25, 2006

Every day is something new...

So. I have to scratch another source of fibre off of Mary's "Will Eat" list. She used to eat bread. She loved it, she'd chow down happily on a slice of 12 grain or flax seed bread. Not anymore. Now, she looks at it, takes it from me, and flings it across the room like it's poison. Sigh.

She also is refusing to nap. As I type this she is in her bed, chatting with herself. She's been doing that since I put her down at her usual nap time 90 minutes ago. She was tired, rubbing her eyes and whining. This morning she was up 2.5 hours earlier than usual at 6:30. Why won't she sleeeeeeeep???

In spite of being annoying, she's been awfully cute this morning. She was giving me great big sloppy kisses on the couch. All she does is open her mouth as wide as she can to allow for maximum drool flow, and then press her wide open, slobbery mouth against various parts of my body, usually my cheek. It melts my heart.

Puerto Rico seems to be coming together okay, I think. I still have not gotten my passport papers signed, but that will be done tomorrow. It looks like I will be leaving April 6th from Regina, and although I've not actually spoken to anyone at Moustapha's place of work there have been messages left back and forth. Last night I was worried that it might fall through, but things are looking up today. Yay!

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Anne R. Key said...

You know what Mary needs?