Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Death Warmed Over

Better now than next week, right? I woke up this morning, my ears so plugged up that it feels like I'm in a tunnel, my nose was running, my throat ached, and my chest was a tad congested. Ugh. I blame Anne R. Key. I'm fairly certain that I'll be feeling better by next week, which is a good thing. Even if I'm not feeling better on Friday, nothing will keep me from Purgatory (in spite of the fact that I got my background last, and am feeling a tad bit unloved...) Mary seems to be feeling fine so far, aside from the usual teething misery, and I am really hoping that she will stay that way, at least till next Thursday. Tee hee.

My costume for Friday is essentially finished, and I hate to admit, but I did very little of the work. My neighbours were just so fantastic and they saw that Mary was not allowing me to do much of anything, so they just did it for me. Today Mary and I went to the mall so I could buy white tights. So, I'm pretty much finished. I also spent far too much money at the mall. I bought a portable booster seat for Mary, some books for the time I intend to spend on the beach, and a book for Mary. Yikes. It looks like I'll be eating frozen waffles and cheerio's for the rest of the week.

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Anne R. Key said...

Me? Why me? I didn't do nothin'!