Thursday, March 09, 2006

New Word of the Day

Blogtard. There are a whole lot of them out there. It's possible that there are people out there who I feel are blogtarded (like that fellow who occasionally comments on your blog, Anne) that you do not. Fortunately for me, I have had little to no issues with blogtards on my blog.

Rebecca Eckler (you may remember her, she's the columnist in the Globe and Mail, Toronto's National Newspaper), however is having problems with them. It seems that people don't approve of, well, just about everything that she has to say, think or do. They don't like that she gets paid to write about her life in a national newspaper. They don't like that she's not actually married to the father of her child, although they are engaged. They don't like that she's wealthy. They don't like that she has a job at all. They don't like that she has a nanny. And above all, they don't like her spelling. Now, I'm not going to get too much into this except to say...Honestly, people. Get a life! There's a good post here all about polite blogging, and it's quite entertaining. I couldn't have said it better myself.

But seriously, why on earth do people have to judge other people so harshly for making different choices in their lives? I know that Rebecca is a public figure, and bound to draw some ire for the things she says, but seriously, if you hate someone so much, is it really worth your time and energy to read her blog, and then leave nasty comments about how offensive you find her blog? Wouldn't it be easier to just not read it in the first place? I can honestly say that I do feel a twinge of jealousy when I read about her life...flying business class to wherever she chooses to vacation, a nanny, Prada bags...but in the end, she's just another Mum, and I really believe that she is just doing what she feels is best for both her and her baby. That she has different tools to do it with than I do, oh well.

It all brings to mind a song that I shall sing for you now.

"People are people, so why should it be, that you and I should get along so awfully?"

p.s. Does anyone else think that it's a strange thing that the spellcheck for Blogger does not recognize the word Blog?


Her Bad Mother said...

I LOVE that you quoted Depeche Mode in this post.

Too good.

Anonymous said...

Here is the problem. Eckler has made a lot of enemies both in journalism circles, social circles, among friends of the Fiance, etc etc. She has done a lot of very nasty things that a lot of people know about. She should have considered that when starting up a very public blog, and someone really needs to educate her on comment moderation.

Anonymous said...

eckler is well aware, I'm sure, of comment moderation. She's not doing her job if she's not getting a response. The purpose of a blog should be so people communicate...