Thursday, August 18, 2005

All hail Space Jesus

Several years ago while doing research for a paper on the Plymouth brethren I stumbled across a website run by a gentleman named Jack Hook. His website was in the formative stages back then, and I (possibly stupidly) commented in his guest book. Ever since then, Mr. Hook has sent me updates on the end of the world, and the coming of Space Jesus, as prophesied in the bible. The recent events in the West Bank have him all in a tizzy, and I have gotten a couple of updates recently. You can check out Mr. Hooks website here, but be prepared for a lot of gobbledygook. His basic message is that the USA and the "Harlot church" (The Roman Catholic church for those of us who aren't crazy) are run by the devil. The American occupation of the middle east has been foretold in the Bible, and the end times are here. Soon, Jesus is going to come down from space (heaven) on a golden chariot, and the Americans are going to think that he is a space alien. They will attack Space Jesus, and start the end of the world. He has all sorts of proof of this on his website, but I believe you have to be more than a touch insane to follow much of it. Anyways, Mr. Hooks advice to all of us is to turn our backs on the "Harlot Church," and don't shoot the aliens when they come, unless we do that, we will end up in Hell.

In other news, Miss Mary is still miserable. Seriously miserable. Still no teeth, please God, let there be teeth soon. At least if there were teeth, I would feel that all this screaming and drooling was for a purpose.


Rodicon said...

I hope that will teach you to talk to strangers little missy! ;P

This guy really IS a wingnut. Nice find.

Anne R. Key said...

Woman, are you praying to the Lord for teeth??? Frivolous!

Mr. Hook is a riot, kinda like those guys I found on the net who think that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Centres were orchestrated by the US government to boost spending to the military, and are convinced that the planes we saw in the sky were holograms that just happened to coincide with explosions placed inside the Towers.

What fun!

Goody said...

What a trip. You might enjoy

Be sure to click on the "Rapture Index" to see how close we are today.

I hope the teething is done with soon.

Mr. Fun said...

I really don't know what to make of the idea of sending messages to people you don't know about the endtimes for several years. I just don't. I hope, however, that he will crush the spirits of those nefarious hordes of people worldwide who keep guns near them when they sleep in sweet, sweet anticipation of leading the ruthless attack on future invading aliens.