Wednesday, August 31, 2005


You know, I really should stop watching the news. New Orleans is sinking, Muslim pilgrims are being trampled to death, people are dying everywhere. I saw an interview with a poor man in Alabama who lost his wife, they keep playing him tearfully describing how she told him to let go of her hand. I wonder why they wont let him grieve in peace.

With the weather these days, it amazes me that the USA (and Alberta) still seems to refuse to acknowledge that we are destroying the environment. I don't know much about Global Warming, but I do know that the weather is changing. Last year we had drought, this year we have flooding. It isn't raining in Vancouver, they are running out of fresh water. Halifax is constantly under siege by the weather, either it is 40 degrees, there is a hurricane, there is a blizzard. People died in Ontario because of the heat. Our forests are burning, our lakes are poisoned.

Of course, the most important thing in the news today is the girls at an A&W in Mission B.C. who are fighting about a lottery ticket, oh, and gas prices.

Is this really the sort of world that I want to raise a child in? I guess I haven't' got a choice.


Rodicon said...

Rewind this into the Dark Ages and...

"There's the cold, the constant near starvation, the taxes and the war started by the Lords and fought by the peseants. Then the there is the Plague, the prospect of never owning anything, of your daughter dying before she's 10 and if she survives then it might be death by child birth."

WHile human nature never changes neither does the world. Only the the ways in which we try to kill ourselves get more creative.

Anne R. Key said...

Meh. The only control you have is over your immediate environment and what you choose to do with it. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse. Compost. Garden organically when possible. Think globally, act locally. I know they all seem cliches, but I believe it was Margaret Mead the anthropologist, who said (and I must paraphrase), "Do not think for an instant that a small band of people who are organized and committed cannot effect major change. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."