Friday, August 12, 2005

And so it begins

I know I said I likely wouldnt be blogging while in Regina, but I must have lied.

I am spoiling my baby by picking her up when she cries, and she will soon turn into an absolute monster. I am also not letting her exercise her lungs enough (???!!!) by not allowing her to scream. What the hell? There's more, but I cant coherently type out the things that have been said yet. Oh well.

Other than that the visit is going well, it seems that Mary has chosen this time to begin teething in earnest, yay! She was fantastic on the flight here though, she slept the entire time, even through the landing (which was noisy and very very bumpy.)


Goody said...

Deep Again, deep breath in....

I hope you have a nice visit anyway.

Shani said...

I won't mind too much if you tell the police that I told you to.