Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Friday baby blogging on Wednesday

I'm doing this today because I will be in Regina on Friday. I'm looking forward to the visit, I've missed my Dad quite a bit, and it will be nice to go home for a little while and relax. I am worried about bringing Mary on the plane, I'm going to miss Ian, and I am concerned about my fathers wife. Michael is a very nice woman, don't get me wrong, but she is...Well...Bossy is a good word for it. Incredibly pushy is another good phrase to use. Michael uses two separate attacks, there is the "I am so nice that you will hardly notice the horrible passive aggressive way I am telling you that you're doing that wrong," and there is the "you're wrong, and I will tell you exactly what you should be doing." I prefer the second tact, it's less painful, and easier to fight against, but since I had Mary, she has been more and more passive aggressive. You see, she has 3 teenaged children (don't get me started on the outcome of her parenting methods), and she feels that she knows everything. I can handle advice, but what really bothers me is when she implies that I am wrong when I'm dealing with my baby. She is my child, and I will do what I feel is best for her. I've said as much, but it falls on deaf ears. My father is a wonderful man, but he is terribly henpecked, he mostly just stays quiet, and does what he wants. I cant see him standing up and telling Michael to leave me be, he knows that she would make his life miserable if he did.

Anyways, I will not be blogging from tomorrow till Tuesday, as I will likely not have access to a computer, and I will be too busy running around Regina and visiting my old friends.

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