Friday, August 05, 2005

Linking for dummies

So, I have figured out how to link things, I think. I'm a little sad that I couldn't figure it out till now, it's pretty darned easy. Oh well, I never claimed to be bright.

Anyways, we decided to go to BP's last night for some pre-Purgatory geeking. We didn't stay long, as Ian had stayed late at work, and Mary was a little cranky. Actually, a little is understating it. When Ian put her carrier into the car he said something to her which she took offense to. Such great offence that she screamed the entire way home. Seriously, the entire way. Did you know that a 10 minute drive can feel like it is taking 5 hours when you have a wailing infant in the back seat? Every cell in my body was striving to comfort her, but I couldn't do anything. I thought about telling Ian to pull over, so I could climb into the back seat, but first we were on roads where there was nowhere to pull over, and then, once we were able to pull over we were in neighborhoods that...Well...Only people who are looking for a particular type of service that can only be found on street corners pull over. By time we got home, I was practically weeping. Of course as soon as the car stopped and I picked her up, she grinned at me through her tear stained face.

Well, I should go and get myself prepared for the night ahead. It should be full of interesting shenanigans to say the least.

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