Saturday, August 06, 2005

An Ugly Anniversary

It was sixty years ago today that the first atomic bomb ever used was dropped on Hiroshima. The last atomic bomb ever used was dropped on Nagasaki 3 days later. Have people learned anything, I don't think so. Have people forgot how horrible it really was, yes, I think we have. In 2003 the airplane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima was put on display at an aviation museum in Virginia. The plaque beneath it stated that it was used to drop the first ever atomic bomb, but made absolutely no mention of the two hundred thousand people who were killed by that bomb. India and Pakistan are currently testing their nuclear weapons, although they have signed an agreement to warn each other when, so they don't end up having an "accidental war." Disarmament talks in the UN collapsed earlier this year, North Korea is happily creating nuclear weapons.

I don't think that this anniversary is very well known amongst most people, particularly people from my generation. It isn't in the news that much, and where it is, it is mostly just a side note. I hope that more people pay attention to what happened then, and how scary things are now. I really hope that everyone takes just a minute out of their busy Saturday to think about those 200,000 people who were killed in an instant, I know I will be.


Raven said...

Thanks for posting that, Jenn. I missed the anniversary yesterday, but I think any day is a good time to remind ourselves of just how many people have died in the atrocities of war.

Rodicon said...

And will continue to do so until human 'nature' evolves beyound the tribal society.