Monday, August 22, 2005

Possibly she was right...

Maybe I am a bad mother. I sure felt like it on Saturday. You see...I had Mary on our bed, and I changed her diaper. No big deal. She's been teething, so I went to get her some Tylenol, Ian was taking her to a friends house while I went off and played Broken Wings. Anyways, I paused to tell Ian what I was doing when I heard THA-Thump! and alot of screaming. Our bed is very high. I had Mary where I didnt think she could roll off, and she didnt. She is learning to crawl, and right now she just does this backwards inchworm thing. I figured that she just inchwormed herself backwards right off the bed. I felt so horrible, I know that it is something that happens to alot of people, but I was determined that I would not allow it to happen in this house. Mary was of course fine, after I picked her up and she cried for about 3 minutes, but the effects are a bit more lasting in me. Children are an amazing source of guilt.

Aside from that, the weekend was very nice. We finally had some summer weather, which was beautiful, although it did get a little too hot yesterday. Broken wings was pretty fantastic, the players are still all over eachother, it's just a matter of time before someone dies, I think. Sunday we went over to an old frinds place for a bbq. It was a wonderful time, and she has two lovely kids, and her husband is one of the nicest guys (aside from Sweet Baboo) that I know. They have a wonderful new house of which I must admit that I am slightly envious.

Speaking of houses, we are having more problems with our little dump. Our bathtub has not drained for over a week now. We have to bail it out after every bath, cause there is something clogging the drain. We have used all sorts of liquid plumber/draino type stuff, and Ian borrowed a 20 foot snake from a plumber friend of ours. Nothing is working. I swear to god, sometimes I want nothing more than to pack up the baby and the cats and a few of my favorite things and torch the place. Not even for the insurance money, but just for the satisfaction it would give me.

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Goody said...

You are NOT a bad mother.
You are NOT a bad mother.
You are NOT a bad mother.

How are we ever going to survive all their bumps and scrapes without losing our minds?

Glad to hear she's fine.